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FAQ About How Our Mosquito Treatments Work.

How do Mosquito Treatments Work - FAQ about our Services

.Have you ever asked yourself “How do mosquito treatments work?”   We have some of the most frequently asked questions about our services answered for you! How does Skeeter-Treaters assess a property for treatment options? For us it starts by talking with the customer to understand their needs and concerns.  Based on this we will…

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How to Protect Yourself from Ticks

Protect Yourself From Ticks

Protect Yourself from Tick Bites. Why is it important to protect yourself from tick bites. Unlike a mosquito, ticks are slow moving insects.  They are small insects and  tend to be very patient.  Ticks have natural gifts when it comes to locating their prey.  A Ticks purpose in life is only to propagate their species. …

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Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Mosquito Magnet

Are You a Mosquito Magnet? Have you ever found yourself at an outdoor gathering constantly batting away mosquito after mosquito while others seem to be relatively unaffected by the swarming pests? Do you wonder why you are the apparent pièce de resistance for mosquitoes anytime you venture outdoors? Well, first of all, it’s not all…

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Backyard Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes’ Favorite Backyard Breeding Grounds to Watch Out For! Did you know it only takes as little as four days for a mosquito to go from an egg to a blood-sucking, disease-spreading adult? With all the heavy spring rain Northeast Ohio has seen over the past couple of weeks, now is the perfect time to turn…

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