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Backpack Misting Applications

Let us protect you and your loved ones or customers by putting a barrier of protection around your property. Our Backpack Misting process ensures that you will see less mosquitoes in your outdoor environment for continued enjoyment and safety for all.

Once every 14-21 days, we will visit the property and apply a barrier mosquito treatment via a commercial backpack mister to the surrounding landscape, shrubs, foliage, low hanging trees, and any other key areas where mosquitoes are known to feed or rest. During the barrier application, we will be scouting the property for "hot spots" known to harbor or breed mosquitoes and then address them accordingly. This is a crucial part of our process. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a bottle cap of water, and our trained service persons are keen at finding and treating often overlooked areas, including tree holes, low-lying spots in the yard, outdoor toys, planters, and any other spot where even a minuscule amount of water would collect and allow mosquitoes to breed.

The benefits of our integrated approach to mosquito management last for approximately 14-21 days and are safe for use by children, pets, and adults once the application has had time to dry.

Treatment Program:

Skeeter-Treaters recommends the Backpack Misting applications as part of our ongoing Integrated Mosquito Treatment Program. The reason for this is due to the nature of mosquitoes and their lifecycle. They are not like typical pests where you can kill them and their nest and not worry any longer. When conditions are right, the larvae on continuously hatching. In order to address this and achieve maximum results safely, we must maintain the barrier every 14-21 days.

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Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems (coming soon)

These systems are designed for each specific property to maximize mosquito and other flying insect treatment. The misting nozzles are connected by a commercial grade nylon tubing to a reservoir holding tank, high pressure pump and a programmable controller. The system is programmed to disperse the solution through the stainless-steel misting nozzles that are strategically placed around the property.

System Highlights:

  • Highest quality, state of the art components, best on the market
  • Friendly and customizable program controller & remote control
  • State of the art battery technology, optional solar panel to recharge unit
  • 200 or 300 psi pump
  • 12v dc motor, solution agitator, anti-siphon valve, pressure control valve, and in-line nozzle circuit filters
  • Unique and concealable 26 inch 55 gallon cube

Our trained team members will come out and install the system around your property. After installing your system we will refill your product when needed, as well as service and winterize the system each year.

*Misting systems not available in New York.

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Sprinkler System Integration (coming soon)

We've partnered with the market leader in this area to bring you a breakthrough pest control technology.

This entirely automatic, 100% safe pest control system utilizes your existing sprinkler system to kill mosquitoes and other targeted pests where they live. The system can be installed with any new or existing sprinkler system and uses advanced electronics to distribute the patented concentrate evenly to selected zones.

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