Business Franchise Opportunity

Business Licensing Opportunity in the fastest growing segment of the 8 billion dollar pest control industry

Why is this the best time to buy a business franchise opportunity in the mosquito treatment industry?

We offer business franchise opportunities in one of the fastest-growing segments of the $8 billion dollar pest control industry. With warming climates and the recent and steadily increasing spread of potentially life-threatening diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, joining our young industry presents a great low-cost, start-up opportunity to be a part of this lucrative, growing market. Our start-up business is very successful with limited overhead. The quick start-up business model allows for streamlined and highly profitable operations.

Now that we've caught your attention about the home-based, turn-key business model, almost anyone could manage from the kitchen table, since we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  Let’s talk about why choosing to be a Skeeter-Treaters business partner is the right choice for an entrepreneur.

Advantages of Business Franchises? Explore the differences of Skeeter-Treaters?

Our mosquito treatment business has had great success and measurable growth every year. We have evaluated many of our competitors and have learned a lot about business franchising, allowing us to create both a unique business model as well as a partnership-based business franchise agreement. In addition to our industry experience, we also have an extensive background in business, sales, and marketing, which allows us to create strategies that will make your start-up business a success. We also wanted to create a low-cost start-up business model that takes the worry out of starting your own business. Our goal in developing our franchising opportunity was to partner with like-minded individuals to create a quality long-term business partnership. Developing a win-win-win business franchise model. If you are an entrepreneur, or you already work a full-time job but want to start your own business, this might be a great business franchise opportunity for you.



  • Low start-up cost!

  • Jump start kit

  • Training

  • Full service offerings unique to any other similar opportunity

  • Streamlined process

  • Protected territory

  • Custom website

  • Access to ongoing marketing kit with customizable ad designs

  • Access to complete ongoing digital marketing ready to go (social media/direct mail/Google analytics)

  • Access to full service CRM/billing/communications suite

  • Ongoing support


Your state may require a pesticide license to perform a mosquito control business. We urge you to check with your local state authorities regarding any business and pest control license requirements.