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How Do Mosquitoes Grow?

How Do Mosquitoes Grow

Mosquitoes Grow In Four Stages


How Do Mosquitoes Grow

Did you  know that mosquitoes grow in four distinct stages?  The first stage is when the egg is laid.  A female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs and each egg is laid one-at-a-time.  Preventing the eggs from being laid in the first place is key to improving your chances of a mosquito free yard this summer.  Do not allow standing water in your yard. The second stage of the mosquito growth is the larva stage. The mosquito will hatch around 48 hours after it was laid.  Larvae must live in water while they develop.  They actually shed their outer layer four different times during the larvae stage.  After about ten days they then become what is known as a pupae.  In the third stage known as the pupae, mosquitoes do not feed, they simply rest as their bodies continue to develop.  It is after about 48 hours in the pupae stage that a mosquito will become the adult form of the mosquito.  It is in the adult stage that mosquitoes mate, feed and lay eggs.  Each cycle happens within about two weeks.

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