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FAQ About How Our Mosquito Treatments Work.

How do Mosquito Treatments Work - FAQ about our Services

.Have you ever asked yourself “How do mosquito treatments work?”  

We have some of the most frequently asked questions about our services answered for you!

How does Skeeter-Treaters assess a property for treatment options?

For us it starts by talking with the customer to understand their needs and concerns.  Based on this we will discuss the property layout and characteristics in order to determine the best possible solution(s).  Part of the process is setting expectations and educating the customer on how what they can do to help achieve maximum results.  Essential we try to create an ongoing partnership.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for Mosquito Treatments?

One of the big keys to achieving good results is having a good amount of shrubs, foliage, bushes, trees etc…around your property.  Both around the home and/or patio or entertaining areas as well as around the perimeter of the yard/property.  This allows us to apply the product around and near the home to create and maintain the barrier.  Although we do have customers that only have foliage around the house and patio but not necessarily around the perimeter of the yard that get good results and are happy with our service.  However, those that might not yield good results are most often the ones with limited landscape.  This is why we try to educate and set proper expectations when we talk with new customers.

We are not afraid to let a potential customer know that they may not be a good candidate based on property characteristics.  We don’t want waste customers time or money and then end up leaving a bad taste about our service.

How do you know how to quote a mosquito treatment plan?

Is it by acreage? Our pricing for monthly backpack applications is based on the size of the yard.  Our Misting or Sprinkler system integrations are custom and based on size, features, and other variables that can change from property to property.

What should a prospective client prepare for the first meeting?

The first “meeting” can typically take place over the phone as most of what we need to know can be best explained by the homeowner.  Also, with today’s technology, we have software that allows us to get an aerial view and measurement of the property.  After this discussion we can determine if a face-to-face meeting is needed.

Do you treat on your first visit?

Again, depends on how our initial “meeting” goes?  But under normal circumstances our first visit is to begin the monthly barrier application process.

What areas do you treat?

We apply the product to shrubs, foliage, low hanging trees.  Mosquitoes feed off plant nectar and most hide under leaves during the sunny hot hours of the day.  This is why we do not typically spray the grass.  While we are spraying we are scouting the yard for standing water, either low spots in the yard, tree holes, planters, toys etc, and address them accordingly.  This may simply be emptying the water or using a lavicide to keep the mosquitoes from hatching.

How quickly do you see results?

You can typically see improvement the first couple of days, however, the severity of the mosquito population on the property at the time we are called to come out can impact this.  We always encourage customers to be proactive and have us out before the season so that we can start to build the barrier ahead of time.

How often do you need to repeat a treatment to maintain the results?

For the non-organic we treat approximate every 30 days and for the organic it is approximately every 21 days.  After the first couple of applications to get things under control we then need to maintain this barrier.

Tell me about your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

In a nutshell, we stand behind our service.  There are no contracts, we believe in the good old fashion “handshake”.  We use high quality products and the latest in equipment and techniques.  We use products designed to withstand rain and breaking down from UV sunlight rays unlike other products. This being said, we want our customers to be happy and if you’re not happy with our Backpack Misting application, contact us with within 2 weeks of our application and we will re-apply the application free of charge. If you’re still not happy, we will gladly refund your money.

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